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Synthetic Marijuana Zoom


Synthetic Marijuana Presentation Card

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  • A perfect companion piece to our presentation display. This presentation card is a smaller version of our large display, making it a perfect leave behind to reinforce what was learned from the display, or a stand alone educational tool.

  • Clarifies what synthetic marijuana is.
  • Notes the drug's appearance and methods of use.
  • Stresses the fact that the drug has unknown ingredients.
  • Details synthetic pot's health effects.
  • Debunks the myths surrounding the drug.

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Product Description


    Increased media attention has only just begun to shed light on the problem that is synthetic marijuana. News stories have highlighted the drug's dangers as it has not only sickened some, but killed others. With this presentation display, you can educate your community on the hazards that come with using synthetic marijuana.

    The card begins by explaining that the drug is often sold as incense or potpourri, but in fact, it's plant material that has been sprayed with chemicals that mimic the active ingredient in marijuana, THC. It usually comes in small foil bags that bear the warning, "Not fit for human consumption." The drug resembles dried leaves or herbs, which may lead some to mistakenly believe that it's a natural or safe substance.

    Every year, synthetic cannabinoid use results in over 25,000 emergency department visits. The drug may be smoked or made into a tea. But regardless of how it's consumed, the problem remains that no one regulates or tests these drugs to see if they're safe. People who use fake weed turn themselves into guinea pigs - which is why this drug leads to over 2600 calls to poison control centers every year.

    Ingredients and potency of the drug vary from batch to batch, which increases the risk that a user will experience life-threatening consequences. Users may also experience increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure, agitation, suicidal and violent thoughts, hallucinations and psychotic episodes, and heart attacks.

    The numerous myths surrounding fake weed only serve to belie its danger. The truth is that synthetic pot is not safer than marijuana - it's not even marijuana at all. The drug may be up to 100 times more potent than marijuana. And while some individuals may believe that it won't show up on a drug test, many tests can now detect synthetic pot.

    Synthetic cannabinoids were made illegal in 2012, but that hasn't stopped unethical chemists from creating new, "legal" formulas. These new products are sold legally until law enforcement can catch up and make them illegal, too. This starts the cycle all over again. And with the constantly changing chemical formulas, no one really knows what they're making, selling, or using.

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